My Story (career and life)

Hola Chic@s!

OMG guys! It’s february already! how fast right! second month of 2017 is here!

I wanted to share with you a little insight of my career, current goals and current achievements.

My degree and past experience in Business Administration has helped me manage our trucking business (partnered with my hubby) and has given me a new job opportunity in the finance department of an employment agency. 

These past 4 years have been amazing! I got married, took time to travel, experienced the wedding planning industry as a day of coordinator (owner) and got to expand my creativity with design projects and etsy shop owner.But to be honest with you it wasn’t enough and after going through a marriage/life crisis I understood the importance of growing; individually as a person, emotionally, in my relationship, career and education.

That’s why while ringing the 2017 year I made 3 main goals for this year.

  1. Go back to school, finish my certicate in Meeting and Event Planning program in SDSU college of extended studies.
  2. Find a part time Job, near downtown, start a blog, or keep myself busy because my involvement in the transportation business is only part time.
  3. Find my purpose in life, gain future goals for the next 5 years.

Now that I think about it I should’ve added a fourth goal (lose weight) HaHa! really need to commit to that next!

So far, January has been the most successful month I’ve had in years!

  1. Started school, reached out to a San Diego festival/event planner producer and received an offer for an internship.
  2. Reached out to a Hollywood Entertainment Event Producer and received not only a response but great insight for my career (hopefully you will be seeing me in LA event planning next year).
  3. Received a job offer in finance at an employment agency that is located here in Downtown San Diego (right across the street of my house to be exact!)
  4. I started my blog! and not to gain fame, but to push my limits, show my creativity, set my self apart in the event industry and challenge me into getting out my comfort zone.
  5. I didn’t had this on my goals for anytime soon but on december 2016 we moved from Chula Vista to Downtown and it has been life changing! Literally!

I know I have a lot to accomplish but it has definitely been a good start!

(find my school/office favorites on the images above)

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