The Oscars Viewing Party

Hola Chic@s!

What a night! I’m completely amazed with how the Law of Attraction works! It’s true, if we set our mind into achiving a certain goal or dream we attract our reality with that same energy we create (: I really wanted to attend an Oscar Viewing Party this year and meet someone who ispires me and motivates me in my career path. After having a funny situation with my VIP ticket and the coordinator of the event at the Sofitel Los Angeles, My sister and I ended up seating with the most inspirational group of friends and colleagues of the night, who to our surprise were part of the Oscar winning team for the Best Achievement in Costume Design for Fantastic Beasts Movie! We were stunned to have shared hours of fun dinner with such talented people, an experience that I will never forget!

Oscar Winners, Heather Pache, David Hunt, David Cohen & Actor James Salsman

That speachless moment when I got to hold the Oscar Statue for a snapchat: pic ❤  It was so full of energy that I can still feel it! (not to forget the 8.5lbs weight)

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