Hola Chic@s!

How long has It been since My last post?! My Gosh! It feels like forever, I’ve honestly been in a crazy situation at work (Kineticom); I don’t think I have mentioned it before but I co-own a Transportation Business with my husband and I’m also a Billing Analyst at Kineticom, a temp agency company. I have found myself extremely exhausted from the office job, working extra hours and helping out with the office move from Downtown to Mission Valley with no time for blogging or enjoying life (haha), but hey just keeping it real here, Monday will be a new day at a new office location, with new meal plan and fitness goals (yei!) Anyway, enjoy a few photos from today’s mini trip to San Clemente and Laguna Beach (:

 ¡Hasta Luego! 

-San Clemente Sur Beach Pier-

-Le Macaron French Pastries- (just like the ones in France, even better in my opinion)

-The Deck On Laguna Beach-

A special thank you to my love for the amazing pictures.

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