Turks and Caicos

Hola Chic@s!

Wow! I’m speechless! Currently flashing back to our Summer Trip of last week to Turks and Caicos Island, looking through the photos I’m still in awe and can’t believe I was there just a few days ago.

We visited the beautiful Grace Bay Beach which by the way is a must see; be aware that this is a tourist beach and you would need to bring your own umbrella and chair if you don’t intend of paying over $150 dll per person.

My favorite place with no doubt was definitely Leeward Beach,  this is the local beach it was a little hidden and private.
If you’re ever planning a trip to Providenciales, know that you MUST rent a car, the island has no public transportation and the Van Taxi cost is very high, we spent over $40dll for a 15min ride between the apartment and the car rental place.

Make sure to not miss the Fish Fry Market only on Thursdays at the Bight Park, if you like to experience what the locals do, their local food, artifacts and music; this is the place to be. I purchased a fish figure handmade purse that day.

From Provo, we took a 30 minute flight to South Caicos Island, where we spend half part of our trip. The small island was all ours, it seemed like we where on a private island, it was so romantic and relaxing. My hubby prepared a small aerial video from our stay at the East Bay Resort you can enjoy watching it here.

At South Caicos we enjoyed snorkeling,  boat rides, star fish bank trip, kayaking, sightseeing tour and a very relaxing ocean view stay. We had the best trip of our lives. I hope you enjoy the photos and add this paradise island to your must visit places list.


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