Fall Lookbook in San Francisco

IMG_7507Hola Chic@s!

¿Como Están?

How is this Fall going into Winter weather treating you? So far here in San Diego our Autumn is looking pretty sunny hehe, no rain yet and no need for huge winter jackets (which I’m glad because that would mean ‘shopping’ since I own none).

Le Hubs and I visited San Francisco a few weeks ago; me being all excited to experience a little wind and cooler days.. But to my surprise (and such luck) we arrived at the ‘most sunny and hot weekend’ of the year – according to uber drivers.. (angry/disappointing face) So there I am, all sweaty trying to pose for the cam, showcasing 4 outfits – 2 custom made from top designers I met at the FWSD – and 2 outfits I purchased there in San Francisco.

Here is a short lookbook film I made for you to enjoy, I hope you like it!


1st Outfit – White and Red


Top: Forever21 San Francisco $25

Skirt: FWSD Top Designer – Oseas Villatoro $45

2nd Outfit – Mini Black Dress


Dress: Express San Francisco – $65

Clutch: Tom Ford – $3,950

Booties: Roberto Cavalli – $460



3rd Outfit – Flirty French Dress


Dress: FWSD Top Designer – Baza Couture $85 ( or $60 for blouse version)

Earrings: By Artist Mara Love $50

Booties: Roberto Cavalli $460 (without fur sleeve)



4th Outfit – Street Chic 2 piece


Top 2 piece and Skirt: Forever 21 San Francisco $20-$30

Sunglases: Fendi Iridia $300


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