Winter Lookbook in Big Bear, CA


Hola Chic@s 🙂

How has the first three months of 2018 treated you?

I hope you are still on the right path of all your new year intentions and goals. It is never too late to get back on track or set new goals! trust me! Sometimes it’s very hard for me to get up extra early to have ‘Me Time’ [meditate, read, yoga]< (that’s one of my 2018 intentions) and well some days I skip that routine and that’s fine because I know I can re-take the intention the following day 🙂  so don’t give up and work towards those goals this week!


So far 2018 has been amazing for me even though I can barely keep my eyes open lately (I need to listen to my body and rest) hehe..

I currently have 4 jobs – hahaha- I know that’s crazy! Well, I have recently found my passion and life purpose; -actually almost 3 weeks ago-, so I’m in CONCENTRATION mode starting 2 new businesses ( creative consultant & online community for latina empowerment) + my trucking business + freelancing job at a temp agency ( I help them out with Finance, HR, Legal & Marketing)

Yup! this is how 2018 looks like for me right now, and I am so thrilled to be doing what I love and to be starting such powerful projects! so thank you! thanks to all of you who are reading this and who support me with their positivism and energy.


And well.. here is my second blog of the year ( hehe, so sorry! you see, blogging would need to be my 5th job and as of right now.. hehe that just seems a little bit impossible) + I don’t make money from this so that makes it a little bit harder :/

This is my creative outlet, I love to create, it fuels me up like a cargo truck! HAHA . I take style photos, shoot videos and then edit them just for fun!

Plus if it encourages someone to learn a totally new software or to start blogging or to find their creative outlet, then this blog has been worth it!


My hubby and I went to Big Bear, CA last month and we shot these winter styles, I hope you enjoy our video and the photos! please, please leave me a comment below on your toughts! Also follow my social media so we can get to know each other! I would love to meet you!


Suit from ZARA – Top & Hat from Forever21 San Franscisco – Sunglases from Desi x Quay


Leggings & Black Velvet Jacket from ZARA – Fur Coat from EXPRESS – Hat from Forever 21 – Camera Handbag from Mary Francess Accessories


Sweater from Agaci Stores – Booties from Target – Leggins from Zara Mexico – Hoddie from Papaya Clothing


Hoddie from Papaya Clothing – Coat & Suite Zara Mexico


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