Niñas Bien™

What is Niñas Bien? – google translates to ‘Good Girls’ hehe. My translation is ‘Girlboss’

I started an online community for latinas exactly a month ago TODAY ! It’s so crazy that I actually started this. I’ve been dreaming about creating an outlet to meet more like-minded girls. Girls with aspirations, positivity, empowerment, niñas who would understand my path as a multi-passionate entrepreneur but who also understands my love for SPANGLISH speaking hahah.. I’ve been journaling ideas, business names, the actual process of starting this brand and community since 2017. I was so determined that I purchased the niñ domain about a year ago hehe. It’s been a long process but I’m ecstatic to live this moment and to witness it’s growth. We are now over 200 members with an engagement of 2,098% in comments, posts, and reactions. isn’t that crazy! just a month! I’t makes me so excited!


And yes! I have merchandise for sale ❤

I love having an item that represents my brand and you know I love fashion so I designed a Jean Jacket, a Clutch and Jewelry Necklaces. You can pre-order through my Instagram or email ❤

fwsd photo 656 photography







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Join our community HERE

Buy our Merch through our INSTAGRAM 

Eventbrite flyer

Join our 1st Meetup Networking Event this May 25th HERE

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